Honest BIT Watch Review 2021 – Can BIT watches beat Apple watches with its features?

Is it worth buying BIT watch in 2020?

Let’s face it – BIT watches are clear winners when it comes to wearables even if Apple has managed to slide back into the top position in the global watch market.

This less expensive, iconic smartwatch offers you a premium look and feel while its sharp focus on health potentially tracks glucose levels, sleep apnea, and stress level in a groundbreaking way.

Do you still think smartwatches make a hole in your pocket without giving a result? Then instead of opting for fancy smartwatches of Apple or Samsung, you can enjoy the standout features of a Fitbit watch at an affordable price.

#1 BIT Watch Review 2020

BIT Watch

BIT Watch


The Features on the BiT Watch Is Not the Only Thing That Will Surprise You.

Let’s dig deep more into this BIT watch review. Don’t skeptical before getting into its exceptional features.

Exceptional health functions of a Fitbit watch

What if you get your daily health check-up for free of cost? Do you have stress or anxiety issues? No? Are you sure? Don’t muddle over these crucial health issues as BIT watches are ready to give a sly grin. It’s time to de-stress and know how you are body responses.

Stress and heart health tracking feature

It’s amazing sensor comes with stress level detection capabilities. It’s a premium level stress-tracking-formula that lets you calculate the stress management score daily.

Now you will get to know your sleeping patterns and heart health without sending money on your doctor’s account. Scoring high will give you a great stress relief while low scores indicate that it’s time to focus on mindfulness and meditation. 

Is ECG tracking possible through a Fitbit watch anytime?

You will be amazed to know that if you invest a bit more and go for the premium one, you’ll get an ECG tracking feature as well. However, this particular feature is not for millennials who are under 22, and this special software has not hit the market yet.

Fitness stats for all the fitness freaks

In this BIT Watch review, we must admit that this fab A-rated watch is a perfect companion for all the fitness freaks out there.

It’s pretty good at tracking walking and running activities. Manual exercise mode is safe and slightly better. If you cross your minimum threshold time, it starts reorganizing your selected workout activities.

How many kilometres you usually run daily? How many calories do you set to burn? Are you able to meet your daily target? This device will let you know everything. Busy bees can activate stopwatch function for short exercises.

The best part is this waterproof device lets you swim or run in the rain. Therefore, in this BIT watch review, you ought to know that now your sweat cannot stop you from getting healthier and happier.

Smart notification settings of BIT Watch

There is a reason why it is called a smartwatch. However, some smartwatches have been long mocked by various tech media for being slow. But this one is optimized enough to make your experience enjoyable.

Even novice people can sync the watch easily, of course, once it is connected to your smartphone. The best part is you can receive and respond to all the notifications without any hassle.

A series of taps and swipes is enough to navigate through the software along with the occasional button presses. In short, without any noticeable hiccups, you can move around smoothly.

Sophisticated people usually love smartwatches because it makes them check their smartphones slightly less.

On the other hand, if you receive a mail, you can instantly skim through the first paragraph from your wrist to get an idea whether you should respond to it immediately or not. A cute mini keyboard helps you to type WhatsApp messages as well.

Don’t forget to push the notification bar and switch on the vibration mode to receive instant messages.

The sleek look and 15 days battery backup

Nowadays, Fitbit watch manufacturers, especially renowned fashion brands, show their concern about the commodity parts along with the components inside the watch to enhance the experience of the users.

Now when it comes to user experience and style, our focus easily gets diverted towards the design, user interface, and battery life.

That’s because today’s millennial smartwatch wearers know that their savings goals can be achieved with significant battery life improvement only. Its metallic build sturdy internal component will make your experience smooth and long-lasting.

Design and user interface

The screen is a stunner. It’s comfortable swiping surface, and aesthetically pleasing visual effect takes its look to the next level. This classic is made from environment-friendly materials. Silica gel is also used to craft this beauty.

So one thing you can be assured that you don’t have to worry about its durability as this companion will never ditch you. This IOS and Android compatible watch saves valuable time with its spectacular power efficiency.

You don’t have to charge it frequently to stay with it for a long time as a dedicated charger with 15 days battery backup when fully set make it a stunning and valuable piece. You cannot get over its attractive look soon. The overall construction of this beauty feels premium.

Is Fitbit price costly?

No! This time just like Apple Watches, you don’t have to sell your kidney or break a bank to buy these amazing features. A fair Fitbit price is another desired usability that makes it a perfect choice. The best part is you don’t have to sacrifice any standout feature just because of its low price. 

Wear this stunning watch and sleep comfortably. You will receive all the important messages along with your sleeping report as soon as you open your eyes. On the other hand, if you feel anxious or nervous, your palms will get a little sweaty.

These features cannot be received without compromising the Fitbit price. But BIT watches have truly made luxury affordable.

Is it worth buying BIT watch? 

Do you still have this question? The answer is yes, absolutely! Instead of snapping up pricy medicines and digging a hole in your pocket why don’t you invest your hard-earned money on a device that can improve your health and make you a fitness freak and the next style icon? 

But wait! Here are some pros and cons that you need to focus on before investing your hard-earned money.

  • Its premium appearance is perfect for a sophisticated look. It adds a glamorous touch to every outfit.
  • Sports enthusiasts and busy business owners can utilize dual timekeeping facility.
  • Send instant messages directly from your wrist.
  • Calculate your stair steps, distance, calories, heart rate, stress level and much more.
  • Now water and sweat cannot stop you if you have this stunning water-resistant piece.
  • It’s extended battery life lets you sleep overnight without any worry.
  • This watch is compatible with both IOS and Android devices.
  • Responding messages via voice direction is a bit tricky, and typing on the keyboard is a bit difficult.
  • Looking at the wrist while exercising, again and again, is a bit disturbing for some people while others enjoy it as they don’t have to take out their phone frequently by compromising their exercise time.

Can it really replace Apple watches?

How can we write an honest BIT Watch review about a debutant without addressing the big elephant in the room? Yes, indeed, it will not be unfair to call it a clone of Apple watches but, at the same time, we would like to reveal that it sometimes works better than it.

In short, you can own this expensive Apple watch for your Android phone at an affordable price. The best part is this stunner is iOS compatible too. So, overall it’s an outstanding variable. After skimming through all these incredible health features, we can assure you that if you have this stellar device, you can keep an eye on your health and easily replace your medicines with good health.

Its health tracker feature gives your accurate result, better than Apple watches. Also, keep in mind that this Fitbit watch carries the legacy of accuracy and ease of use, sometimes even better than sky-high lavish Apple watches. In short, you can undoubtedly give it a try.

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