PrintX Pro FAQ

Why should I use PrintX Pro?

  • Saving your memory for the future.

Have you ever missed the chance to get a moment documented either in picture/photos?. At one time or the other, you must have had that one moment in life. Sometimes, we get carried away by the daily activities, and having a print photo gets delayed, and eventually not possible. I’ve experienced this myself, so I know what the feeling is like.

However, this can saves us these little failures to get things done, and yes, little things can affect the bigger things. I could remember losing pictures on my phone because it got faulty, unfortunately for me, I didn’t get to save it to Google drive, and I lost those pictures with my grandma forever, and till now, I can’t regain it because the person I took it with is no more. Anytime I remember how my negligence created such a huge gap, I couldn’t help but hate myself.

This is the power the Printx Pro gives you, to get rid of excuses, and get your photos instantly, in the simplest way possible.

  • It saves effort, time and money.
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One of the reasons most people don’t get to own printed photos is because of their busy schedule. You can easily use this device anywhere.

Furthermore, it is also stress- free, as you just have to follow some steps, without investing much of your physical and mental energy just to have a photo. As great as this device is, many people will think it will be as expensive as buying a house, considering the benefit it offers. However, Printx Pro is quite affordable and easy to get.

  • Anybody can use it anywhere.

It takes a bit of technicality to handle a printer, and so this device is designed to be better than that. It can be used without encountering any difficulty whatsoever. Likewise, it can easily be carried around. This makes usability very practical and offers an intriguing experience for users.

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Who can use PrintX Pro?

Printx Pro is suitable for use by anybody who wants to print photos, in a lesser time, with less energy, resource (paper, no ink), and cost.

It can be highly useful for specific professionals like architect, photographer, graphic designers, painters, etc.

Where can i get Printx Pro?

You can simply order it from their official website, with free shipping and 50% discount currently.

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The package comes with a portable printer, a USB cable, a photographic paper, and training video on how to use it.(which is made available at the official site)

PrintX Pro also comes with a year guarantee, if their is any problem with it, it can be replaced through the company’s transport agency.

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What else can I use PrintX Pro for?

  • You might want to print tickets for birthday celebrations, or even a wedding party. If you’re someone like me who forgets things easily, this is for you, you can print out your notes, creates a schedule, and have it printed. You can also print a grocery list, to-do list, in fact, this may be a great way to motivate you towards achieving your goals. Print out your 2021 goals and hang them in your room, so you see them every day.
  • If there is any habit you want to stop, this can act as a reminder by having it printed out.
  • It can simply be used for different things, you can decide to be creative with it, and be limitless with it.

Can this printer work with other Apps?

Currently, it can’t, you have to install the peripage app which is the printer app for the device.

Can It be used to do business?

Yes of course. It can generate more income for you, and lessen the cost you spend on other things. Likewise, it can also be used to print receipts in schools and in any business. PrintX Pro is very useful for graphics, and photographing, as you can print small arts and pictures. You can use it for personal and professional events.

Is it available for use worldwide?

Yes, it is. It can be delivered to you by the company’s agency.

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What paper does It use?

It uses a standard non adhesive paper.

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How can I get PrintX Pro paper to use?

It uses a standard non adhesive paper, which can be gotten easily from paper store.

How noisy is the operation?

It is environment friendly, as it is quiet in operation. So, don’t worry it won’t disturb/ affect your activity.

Can it work without electricity?

Unlike most printers that rely heavily on electricity, it uses a rechargeable lithium battery. This makes usability enjoyable.

Is it a colored printer?

No, it can only print in black and white color.

Conclusion (PrintX Pro).

PrintX pro is a portable mini thermal printer that is not only convenient but flexible to use. It has several advantages over other printers, including the ability to work fast, and in an affordable way.

What are you waiting for? Go and get yours now before the price jumps up, as you can get 50% discount and free shipping now. Visit the official website.

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